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SigmaRC participated at the World MedTech Forum, which took place in Lucerne from September 23. to 25., with two presentations by Dr. Hans Schmotzer entitled “Human Centered Design of medical devices – who is the user?” and “Project risk analysis – Avoiding commercial failures in product innovation”.


Dr. Hans Schmotzer gave a lecture entitled “Human Centered Design of medical devices – who is the user?” at the symposium of the EXPERT[GROUP] Human Centered Design. He addressed the question by discussing specific examples of orthopaedic and dental products.  The cases presented demonstrated that in depth knowledge of the clinical workflows is needed to identify correctly all different user groups. Further, he pointed out that marked, regional differences exist with respect to user expectations which need to be taken into account during the development of a product target profile.

In a second lecture entitled “Project risk analysis – Avoiding commercial failures in product innovation”, Dr. Schmotzer presented a systematic risk analysis process. The method forms a strong foundation for writing a realistic business plan. In contrast to many risk analysis methods, which stop with an assessment of the risk, the process presented goes further and ends with a concrete action plan. The method is particularly useful for start-up companies as it addresses from user benefit over market acceptance to supply chain seven critical areas in a systematic and structured approach.

We will take a closer look into both topics in one of our next newsletter. If you have any questions in the meantime, please send an email to mail(at) or contact us by phone.

Hans Schmotzer Medtech Consulting Newsletter 1/12

SigmaRC opens to all!

Since its foundation in 2004, SigmaRC supported selected customers only in questions related to innovation management and medical technologies. Now, it offers its consulting services to all companies and interested parties. Based on the long-term experience of Dr. Hans Schmotzer, SigmaRC combines - unlike many other consultants – technical competence, management experience and market knowledge in the fields of orthopaedics and dental medicine in one person.

SigmaRC - the sum of over 20 years of experience of Dr. Hans Schmotzer in academic and industrial research and development as well as innovation management in the medical device industry

As part of this change we have re-designed our home page and have added this newsletter functionality. The newsletter will provide from time to time the latest news related to SigmaRC and an in-depth review of a specific topic; for example, we will discuss metal-on-metal total hip replacement in our next issue.

Please visit our home page at and find out what SigmaRC can do for you. Just a few examples of our services:

  • Technology assessment and due diligence
  • Consulting and training in questions related to medical technologies
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Start-up coaching
  • and many more

Please call us or send an email to mail(at) to find out how we can support you.

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Focus on Orthopaedics: The metal-on-metal  pairing

In the next issue we will discuss questions related to metal on metal hip replacement in more depth. Over more than 10 years, Dr. Hans Schmotzer has conducted research related to the tribological properties of metal on metal hip joints and the biological reactions to the wear products. He will address critical questions in light of the public discussion of these products. If you have any questions, please send these to mail(at) We are happy to include them in our discussion.

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